The Four Girls Who I Treasure and Adore


My mom has been my biggest supporter and is always willing to show up whenever I need her. She always has my back and is always passing out my business cards to everyone. She is my best friend. I could not do this without her!


I met Barb about 20 years ago when I photographed her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Barb was one of my first customers and is one of my best friends and is always willing to help out at the shop whenever I need her.


Paige has been in my life since she was in middle school. She is always willing to help customers find the perfect outfit, the one who has great ideas and is there in a heartbeat when I need her.  I treasure this girl!


My daughter, my rock, my friend. She keeps me grounded, always has my back and is fashionable, smart and always willing to do live flash sales. She is my accountant, my numbers girl, my best friend.