How to Consign

ACCEPTABLE: In style women's quality clothing and accessories, purchased within the last few years, that are in season, clean, odor free and on hangers or neatly folded in baskets or hampers. Baskets and hampers and hangers will be returned to you. Please wash clothes.
UNACCEPTABLE: Articles with stains, popped seams, holes, tears, missing buttons or broken zippers. Undergarments and bathing suits and handmade garments.
The store will set prices and after an item is sold the consignor will receive 40% of the selling price. Items will remain on sales floor for a 90 day period and are subject to any store sales, coupons or specials.. After the 90 days you will have the option of picking up your items within 7 days or they will become property of Love Thy Curves or be donated to a local charity. We do not call. The consignor is responsible for checking on if items have sold. All books will be closed on consignment earnings not picked up after 1 year, no exceptions, it is your responsibility to check on your account. Payments will be made once a month. At the time of acceptance if an item is damaged, defective, stained or not sales worthy Love Thy Curves has the right to donate (unless it is a formal gown or designer bag valued at $50.00 or more)
You have the option to consign your items or at the owner’s discretion a fair price will be determined at the time of acceptance to be paid on the spot and then the items will become property of Love Thy Curves.
Love Thy Curves will not be held responsible for event of loss, theft, damage or fire. We at Love Thy Curves pledge to sell your items to the very best of our ability. Our main goal is to satisfy our consigners and customers and to keep them coming back. Please trust our judgment if we can not use your items.

Please call to see if we are accepting items!

Spring/Summer– Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, and Aug
Fall/Winter– Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan